Wellness Programs

Workplace Wellness Programs

My Natural Health Center is proud to bring the power of sustainable health to your workplace with our wellness program. Through a combination of metrics testing, health coaching, doctor-supervised weight loss, nutritional coaching, and more, we can help you and your employees look great, feel great, stay healthy, and reduce your healthcare costs. We use a variety of natural approaches to teach proper health practices and give you the tools and motivation to succeed. Call My Natural Health Center at (630) 488-2376 to schedule an appointment today.

Wellness Program Services & Details

On-Site Wellness Education

The first step to practicing good health habits is to learn. We provide on-site wellness education that teaches you how to live a healthier lifestyle. Education topics cover a variety of areas that target multiple issues, including chronic pain, obesity, sleeplessness, anxiety, and so much more.

Health & Nutrition Coaching

You will benefit from a professional health coach who is well-equipped and knowledgeable. We’ll discuss what to eat when to eat, how to reset your metabolism, and ways to sustain a balanced nutritional program for long-term health benefits.

Doctor-Supervised Weight Loss

We use the ChiroThin, a doctor-supervised weight loss program with built-in accountability aimed at losing weight quickly and safely, curbing hunger, and suppressing cravings. You will learn to stop bad eating habits and form new ones using real food, not prepackaged diet meals.


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